It’s Only Obvious If You Think About It

June 10, 2009

Brad Feld on the Ask The VC blog pointed me to Greg Gottesman’s TechFlash article titled; Thirteen key characteristics of a great startup culture

Beyond the subject of Corporate Culture, it is actually some of the comments to that article that I want to address in this one.

One commenter by the handle of Ronin asks if this applies only to tech outfits (sort of a VC mainstay!)- I say no – as an example, a president I know of an SMB distribution company relies on it. In his words;

Hire good people, and let them do it. I only get involved if they need me.

Second, many, many commenter’s – (all to the point I read to anyway, remained anonymous – isn’t it amazing that people who just attempt to cut people down with a holier-than-thou attitude can only do it anonymously?)

Sorry, I digressed

Many of these anonymous quotes were along the line of;

these are both obvious and a few of the 10,000+ things you have to do

And I gotta say

It is usually the obvious that most owners and general managers of SME’s fail at.

It is obvious that your customers are the one paying the bills – but too many don’t remember that.

It is obvious that regardless of your educational or functional expertise, as an owner and general manager of an SME, you need to have knowledge to the relevant level of detail of all aspects of your business, and that includes IT.

It is obvious that delegation is not abdication. So why do they abdicate so much?

The Takeaway?

Something that is obvious to me, may not be obvious to you. And something obvious to you may not be obvious to me. We can learn from others, or we can choose to think we know everything.

And you can take this to the bank – the only time you know-it-all is when you are 13 years old 😉

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