Google Local – OOPS!

June 11, 2009

I wrote a little while ago about the benefit that Google Local can provide to SME’s. As I just mentioned,  we have not done a very good job with Web Marketing our business, and I was asked to work on it.

Step one was to set up Google Analytics . That went without a hitch.

Then I went to create our profile in Google Local. The last step of the profile is confirming your validity via an SMS or Phone Call to the primary number you specified, or via mail.


We are an SME, but we have almost a dozen incoming lines that roll through hunt groups to five people that answer. And well, (oops!) when the incoming call rolled through the hunt groups, some one hung up on it!

I had to redo the process and select the snail mail option.

Lesson learned! (I am sure there will be more so stay tuned the RSS icon on the Home Page!)


2 Responses to “Google Local – OOPS!”

  1. […] The second in this series was my amusing incident with Google Local  here. […]

  2. That was a great post. I will have to bookmark this site so I can read more later.

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