Everybody Knows – Or Do They?

June 29, 2009

David Meerman Scott has a fantastically contrarian post titled; Everybody Is Wrong

What conventional wisdom that “everybody knows” can you challenge?

For leaders in the SMB space – I challenge you to challenge yourself on what everybody knows!

Here is why!

Everybody knows exactly what service or product you provide in one glance at your web site. Or do they? Enter in ignorance and take a second look.

Everybody knows what you meant when you outlined the project in that kick off meeting right? Or do they? Hint: communication is only complete when the message is understood. Which in some circumstances can be less then 35% of the time.

Everybody knows that your initiative is high priority right? Or do they? If there is not one individual accountable for facets of it – it is only a good intention.

The SMB Takeaway

Don’t Forget the Basics.

Every body may not know

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2 Responses to “Everybody Knows – Or Do They?”

  1. elliotross Says:


    Thank you for dropping by!

    And yes – mis-communication happens more than proper communication.

    And too often we assume that because we “said it” that what we ‘said’ is understood as what we meant


  2. kgbusco Says:


    Your post raises some great points. Most people think they are good at communication, but real communication is only achieved when the message is sent, received and understood. I think it is very easy to just assume our messages are clear. People probably do this because they don’t want to change their style of communication. I know it has never been easy for me.


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