Goodbye To Another Bad IT Guy

July 1, 2009

First, especially in this economy, I don’t want to make light of anyone losing their job

But let me tell you a story.

I was talking to a Regional Business Development Manager for a Fortune 1000 sized global organization. One of his largest customers (this customer would be a sizable business in the SME space – but as it is a low tech business, IT requirements are not complex) was being stonewalled by this IT staffer with excuses on how difficult some little change was .

A web based tool that this SME was using had some default settings that was causing customer difficulties and causing lost sales.

After about 4 months, it took an end-run around this IT staffer to fix (in minutes) the problem.

Now, apparently, there were previous incidents, but this was the straw that caused the termination.

Could, this staffer have been really over his head? Possibly, I will never know.

But I would be willing to bet that this SME business broke every tenet that I write about here. Abdicating IT, not delegating. IT not being part of the conversation.

But at the end of the day, IT staff are there for one reason. To support and advance the business. Stonewalling is not acceptable.

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