Work The Plan

July 7, 2009

The Canadian Prairies are in a drought, and here in Eastern Canada we can’t seem to get more than a day or two without cold and rain (13C 55F) and rain again this AM

Maybe this will be another year that summer forgot……

anyway – back to business!

As a small to medium business, there is still much we can learn from the trials and tribulations of larger organizations.

I have always tried to learn from the ‘big kids’, so throughout my time in IT, even as I have worked in SME’s, I have kept up with the IT challenges at our larger kindred.

Also, as our clients are often large business, knowing their challenges can always help. (and not just in IT)

One example?

I have experience working with and implementing ISO 9000 Process Management Frameworks, it was not that we as a SME needed it directly, but it was mandatory for our Global 2000 customer base.

In our SMB case?

The scale may be different, but the principles can often be the same.

If you see that implementing a particular control can save a multi-billion dollar company ‘X’ millions, do the math with your own revenue. And then look at the result in terms of a FTE (full time equivalent) salary.

The following post titled; A rational CapEx purchase and tracking process for IT by Peter Kretzman is a case in point. (On my blog, type budget, or capex in the search box for many posts on that topic for SME’s)

In that post, Mr. Kretzman defines the minimum elements required to ensure your capital expenses in IT are properly managed within your strategic management and planning process.

It all goes back to Management 101: plan the work, then work the plan

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