Should Social Media Amicably Divorce?

July 9, 2009

This has been discussed frequently on this blog and has bugging me for a while. Jonathan Fields (@jonathanfields on Twitter and blog is here) pointed me to this post at Mashable that states Social Media investment is predicted to hit 3.1 Billion in the next several years. That has crystallized my frustration with the status quo.

For me?

I see two faces to Social Media

Face Number One

This is the face we commonly talk about. The externally focused, outside the firewall  methods for building brand awareness, customer loyalty, keeping a finger on the pulse of our brand, and reaching out for marketing, service, customer input, and communications purposes.

For face number one, we can usually look at our existing methods of marketing management, plus utilize our existing marketing metrics and tools for an ROI calculation.

Face Number Two?

For want of a better term, let me call it the inside the firewall digital water cooler.

In the same way you replaced the four seat cafeteria tables with larger ones, spread out impromptu conference rooms, and opened up your facility spaces.

You did this to remove the barriers to communication and collaboration, improve informal communication paths and methods, and work on the probability that ad-hoc idea exchanges occur.

To me, face number two needs a different language. It needs different ROI calculations. Because at the end of the day, face number two is a numbers game.

Can we lump both of these faces under one single (vague) umbrella?

Or can we linguistically divorce inside from outside?

Divorce brand from water cooler?

Divorce marketing from a numbers game?

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2 Responses to “Should Social Media Amicably Divorce?”

  1. elliotross Says:

    jonathan! I am sure that they will be fine, but I just find that I see a dearth of knowledge regarding face #2

    Best Regards!

  2. jonathan Says:

    The two faces, lol.. they need some attention and strategies, but will fine over time.

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