Everybody Knows, Right?

July 10, 2009

Seth Godin has this post; What to do with special requests on his blog. This a valid point, one I will follow up with on a later post.

The concept is one too many businesses don’t think of; dynamic pricing.

A post referencing Seths’ post made this disparaging comment;

It’s also at the core of ANY revenue management concept.

Uh Huh

As I have written before, what may seem obvious to some, is not so obvious to others.

The SMB Takeaway

One commodity that we cannot control is time. we can’t mine it, distill it or otherwise get more of it. So it is the ultimate commodity.

Get paid for it.

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3 Responses to “Everybody Knows, Right?”

  1. […] Pricing – A Real World Example In this post titled; Everybody Knows, Right? I referenced a Financial Post column by Rick Spence, on dynamic […]

  2. elliotross Says:

    Thank you for dropping by Rick!

    This is an upcoming post of its own – but ‘dynamic pricing’ also goes both ways

    I know a gentleman who was a service manager at an auto dealership.

    If his crew was not busy enough – he would offer “do-it-yourselfers’ picking up parts at the parts desk, rock bottom prices to do the work, right on the spot.

    It wasn’t at their usual margin – but it kept the employees working. (probably added a few points to the dealer reputation too)

    Best Regards,


  3. Rick Spence Says:

    I am not surprised by that negativity toward Seth’s point. As the author of the Financial Post article you linked to on dynamic pricing, I can tell you I got some very negative responses to that story. Some people seem to think it’s outright evil to charge different price points for different customers or situations.
    I presume they smuggle homemade popcorn into the movie theatre.

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