Canadian SME ‘C’ Level Execs, Call for New IT Manager Interview Questions

July 27, 2009

I have been invited to submit a freelance article to a Canadian print publication on SME Owners and Executives that have decided that they need to interview and hire that first IT Leader that goes beyond being a caretaker of PC’s and into contributing to the strategic delivery of services that support a growing businesses goals, these could include;

– boosting sales
– maximizing profits
– improving collaboration, both internal and external
– effective knowledge sharing
– improving internal processes
– Developing new products and services
– etc

This article is then to outline sample interview questions that non-technology oriented general managers can ask to tease out some of those desired skill sets.

I will be including questions on budgeting and financial controls, process and people management frameworks, as well as roles and objectives, (among other ideas.)

If you as a General Manager in the Canadian SME space have a questions that you have used (or found out later that you wish you had used!) and would like to be quoted, please feel free to leave a comment here with contact information or email me at

Please include the the why of desired skills or behaviour of your question.

Please note 🙂

“invited” equals not 100% guarantee of publishing!


Elliot Ross


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