Who Is Closest To The Server?

August 7, 2009

This is for Managers in smaller businesses.

I know that Steve or Jane is sitting closest to the spot that you want to put your first real server.

But as you use that server to collect your critical financial information, customer information and invoicing, Are Steve or Jane the the appropriate person to automatically take the server Administrator Job? The new IT Guy or Gal?

I know, it seems easy; stick a tape in every night and assume the best.

But the number of things that can go wrong are endless.

And can Steve or Jane be empowered & accountable for support of that machine? in good times and in bad?

Because if they don’t have those skills, in bad times trying to make them accountable is a different word, it is just the fall guy.

Were You Voted Closest To The Server?

Were You Voted Closest To The Server?

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Photo Credit Manuel W. via flickr


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