What Do You Do?

August 26, 2009

Rick Segal;

I ask everybody in the company “What do you do” and am always surprised how the company’s success trajectory can usually be linked to to the granularity of  the answer(s).

The above article is about technology based companies, but there is tremendous value there for all SME businesses.

In summary, if you ask someone in your business; What do you do?

The answer will usually be a functional answer such as I’m in accounting, or I’m in shipping.

Rick states that when you can ask that question, and the answer is how that position is benefiting your customer and your business, not just functional, Then you know you have yourself a high performance organization.

I think most of us can learn from that.

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6 Responses to “What Do You Do?”

  1. Elliot,
    Spot on with this post you are! One simple step (no cost) every company could take to imbue a customer centric culture is the very one you quoted above. “What do you do?”
    Each dept/team within the org. would benefit greatly from understanding what they do for the business and it does transform the thinking.

    Here’s my latest to expand the discussion. I appreciate your comment there.

    Warmest wishes and see you on Twitter.
    Kate Nasser

    • elliotross Says:

      Thank you so much for dropping by Kate!

      As an IT Manager – I think that I can say that the IT function seems to be the absolute worst at this – We tend to identify ourselves as ‘high tech’, ‘IT’ etc. As if we lived in a vacuum.

      Every employee should have their own ‘elevator pitch’ on how the tasks they perform help customers.

      If those tasks don’t help customers in a concrete way – directly, or at least indirectly – you don’t need the position.


  2. Muthu Says:

    Nice…It’s is really working…Thanku very much….

  3. […] Right in with my previous post on; What Do You Do? […]

  4. elliotross Says:

    Good Morning Rick!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    I am up to my proverbial @ss in alligators right now – but will check that out soon!

    Best Regards,


  5. Rick Roberge Says:

    Elliot, It’s like you’re reading my mind. It’s all about the customer. It’s all about the customer. It’s all about the customer. I borrowed your post at my place. Thanks, again! http://www.omghub.com/therainmakermaker/tabid/85463/bid/10357/What-do-you-do.aspx

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