Some Reference Links For Today

August 28, 2009

From Hoovers Business Insight; The job title your customers REALLY want you to have

Right in with my previous post on; What Do You Do?

From Information Architected;  Strategy – Down from the Clouds

Execution is what counts – the rest is theory

From CIOZone;  SMBs Like the Internet

The percentage of SMBs that use the Internet to track sources of new business leads is now at 30 percent, up from 22 percent last year.

(Although I don’t think 30% is anything to write home about)

The Merchant Stand Blog; Top 10 reasons why you want your boss to read your blog

A rather humorous look!

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One Response to “Some Reference Links For Today”

  1. Dan Keldsen Says:

    Appreciate the link to my innovation strategy post – enjoyed writing it, and find it resonates with most people. Always looking for feedback and refinement though – so feel free to weigh-in.


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