1 More Way To Lose Some Customers With Your Web Site

September 1, 2009

Can You read Your Web Site?

Can You read Your Web Site?

Here is the story, I was doing some research for a business service that we require, and through a reference I was pointed to one B2B business that provides this exact service.

Here’s the thing

The vendors web site had the usual links that I could click for Home, Features , How It Works etc. The thing is, clicking on these links opened a Web Page where he primary information was only available as video, no text. The only text on each page was basically; ‘watch the video’.

There are 2 Problems with that; 1 Minor, 1 Major

People like myself are the minor problem. I read far more quickly than I can watch any video, By the time a video loads and you get through your introduction, I could have already read any critical information on that Web Page and be three pages away. Second, You can also call me a Luddite, but I dislike the start up beeps and whistles of computers, so I disable my sound card.

So for me, there was no information available on that Web Site.

And The Major Problem?

As one example, our businesses largest customer is the Canadian operations of a Global Business. So they are a fairly large organization.

And as a larger business?

Their IT systems are locked down.

Bullet proof.

If it ain’t pre-authorized on the approved software list, it ain’t going to work.

Even we, as a vendor that provides some Web based tools for them, if those tools that we provide them do not use the exact authorized type and version of their approved software list – they won’t work. Period.

So what do you think the odds of that this Global Company could get any information from that video only Web Site?

As a hint, that Web Site prompted me to upgrade the version Flash on my laptop so that it would work properly. That could not happen with this large business customer. No upgrades allowed.

So for that large business, there was also no information available on that Web Site.

The SMB Takeaway

I am not denying the usefulness and power that rich content like video can provide to your Web Site. But ensure that the video or other media content is re-enforced and duplicated by good, pure text.

Because while you may be comfortable leaving people like me out of your sales pipeline, you might want to think twice about the those larger businesses.

So when looking at your Web Site design and development, make sure all your prospective customers can read it.

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Photo Credit Hkuchera via flickr

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