Athos, Porthos, Aramis And The SMB

September 4, 2009

All For One, And One For All

All For One, And One For All

Sorry, I had to use that title in homage to the 3 Musketeers inspired title of a great blogversation started by Chuck Musciano at his EffectiveCIO blog titled; All For One, And One For All .

The context of the post is that all parts of a business share in both the success and pain of what we do well, and where we fail.

The outside world does not know, or care, that some mistake occurred in a specific department.  They only know that the whole group has caused them a problem.

While this is not IT specific, having been in, and written about similar situations, (here, and here are examples) we have to do better. If your customer has an issue, and the general response is; “..not my department”, then you have an issue to be addressed. And as managers in the SMB space, that has to begin at the top!

The SMB Takeaway

As Rick Segal stated in the second reference above, when your staff can understand how what they do affects your customer, you know you have a high performing business.

Having your staff play Dump The Chump games? Well, ultimately the only one that loses is you.

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