A Local Loyalty & Customer Service Story

September 29, 2009

I have a blog post coming up soon regarding a great discussion on twitter about customer loyalty, that discussion spawned several blog posts and discourse by persons much smarter than I am!


Roy Atkinson posted that in the US of A you will be kicking off Customer Service Week on October 5th.

Because of that event I wanted to steal a little bit of content out of that upcoming post as to how loyalty can be easier to maintain through excellent customer service by smaller businesses.

Some Background

I live in a fairly rural, and heavily wooded area. And because of that, I periodically (OK more than periodically)  need the services of a good arborist, (or tree surgeon if you like!)

I had called a few in the past for work with various minimal levels of satisfaction.

But then?

A few years ago, in the dead of winter, what I (affectionally) call our damn kitten decided that it would be interesting to climb 25 feet up one of our trees.

After she spent a good few hours crying up there with no obvious intention to come down, I started calling tree experts again.

It was a weekend, and I left several messages. Only one called me back.

That one came out and rappelled up the tree to grab a very grateful kitten.

Needless to say, I have used that business for all tree work I have needed since then.

So Yes, a Reference!

If you are in Ottawa Ontario area and need tree work, Give E & S Tree Experts a call @ 613-978-4372

Because customer service is customer loyalty.


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