X-Box Support Incident From Hell

October 13, 2009

Three  days of X-Box live support hell. And what is worse, the root resolution would is so obvious.

As a parent – I should be able to control, or Administer all my kids accounts, heck I only have one, imagine if I had several of them!

This is being written on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon as I sit on hold for the 7th time, in about 6 hours of calls since Friday night.

You see, my son is a minor, so setting up his X-Box live account needed my name, credit card details – the usual bits and pieces.

Yet through the X-Box console he was able to change some of this information into his name.

So now the name associated with the credit card is no longer me, yet of course my name is not the “gamer tag” identifier.

So basically X-Box support is telling me to Eff Off.

There is a reason that in technology we identify parent – child relationships, in that the child (or leaf) objects inherit permissions or restrictions from the parent (or container) object.

Come on Microsoft, get it together on that.

PS it is still not resolved


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