Real SMB IT: Web Site Improvements; The Next Step

November 9, 2009

This post is the next in an intermittent series looking at your web site from a marketing perspective –  When you are not a marketing person!

I introduced this series with this post titled; IT –  In Marketing?,  this is the next post on helping smaller businesses to improve their Web sites at little to no expense.

This series has been looking at real world improvements that don’t require major work or extensive help from experts. Stuff that can be typically done by a smaller business either by themselves, or in some cases just basic tech staff assistance.

In the last post I identified and fixed an issue with how our Web Site is found on the Internet.

For this next stage, I wanted to start working on two more (very) common errors for smaller businesses;

1) You created your Web Site, but then have not updated it in years

2) Your Web Site does not have a Site Map (Full definition of what a Site Map is, and does from Wikipedia)  to improve how people can navigate around your Web Site, and secondly, to assist the Search Engines to index all of the content on your Web Site. NOTE: Two Site Maps are actually required, one human readable and one machine readable, for search engine indexing spiders. I will go into the machine readable type in a later post


Search Engine Spiders!

To get this started, I asked our Web Site Developer to create the human readable Web Code for the Site Map, and the Web Code for a spot where I could add new content in the form of press release type News articles.

I will be looking at improving the core content on each page of the Web Site, but I wanted to get these ‘News’ pieces ready to go first as we have been pretty bad at demonstrating what we have already done successfully for our customers.

Once that framework was created, I wrote our first News content, formatted it and placed it in the container that the Web Developer had created for me.

Keyword Alert: Container or Template!

Don’t forget, my goal is NOT to have to go to developer staff each and every time I need to get each new piece of content added to the site, so I asked that they create a template that basically says; Insert new content here!

I still had to format the content the way that I wished, but did not have to write any ‘code’ to get it working.

So now we have a new site map and some new content on the Web Site. The machine readable Site Map is also there, but it is a little different and worth its own post. It will be a little while before the next search engine visit to index the new stuff, but I will keep watching!

There will be more to come, so stay tuned by getting updates with the RSS icon on the Home Page!

Photo credit scoobymoo via flickr


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