A Delicious Irony, If Technology Disappeared

December 15, 2009

If technology disappeared, what would your business look like? Call Before You Dig!

The above quote was in the print edition of Baseline Magazine and I thought that it served well in this post.

In one way or another most businesses rely on technology. Obviously, if your product or service is technology oriented you will be relying on it more than others!

Depending on how critical technology is to your business, I have mentioned before that one often missed due diligence point when looking at new facilities or real estate, is the need to ensure adequate emergency power exists.

Because if you do rely extensively on technology, well, when the lights go out – business can grind to a halt.

The Delicious Irony

In my region, our local electrical utility, Ottawa Hydro, takes grave offense if you are doing any digging on a property before calling the utility first to identify where any underground cables may exist.

But it seems Ottawa Hydro does not follow their own rules!

They were digging outside our facility and cut our power for a little more than an hour and a half.

I guess Ottawa Hydro needs to be reminded; Call Before You Dig!

And yes – You really, really need power

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