B2B And Technology Literacy

December 30, 2009

A great article discussing Technology Literacy and Change at IT In Canada

Sure, maybe your business is geared only towards the digerati, think friendfeed and foursquare.

But if your business is like mine, you are not just dealing with technology literacy at an advanced level. In fact, depending on your product or service you could be dealing with technology literacy levels that go from excellent, to slim, to none.

Over a decade ago, Forrester Research coined the term technographics to describe this concept.

On the technology side, when I hear technology staff make comments such as; Change the page file size, bounce it, the prob should go away

I want to strangle somebody.

And not the poor individual at the receiving end of that gobbledygook

But it is not just a tech issue, it is a business issue

If I had a dollar (or Euro, Pound, Yen, Peso, RMB etc) for each time that I have seen well meaning marketing information slapped on a Web Page that sounds just like that same gibberish, well, I could probably retire.

And multiply that by a thousand if you are in a service business that deals with technology in any way, shape or form

If the content you are publishing requires your readers to keep a thesaurus and dictionary near by, plus require they have a degree in engineering – then yer doin’ it wrong.

“Change management…. Those two words make about as much sense together as ‘holy war,’ ‘non-working mother,’ ‘mandatory option,’ and ‘political principles.’”  Jim Clemmer, author, “Growing @ the Speed of Change”

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