Anger, And Change

January 14, 2010

Frustration = Anger

I know I can get frustrated. We all do.

We can get frustrated by recalcitrant children. Or we can get frustrated at work with superiors, peers, or subordinates.

And we can all get frustrated when we don’t understand something.

And one symptom of frustration? Anger.

As a business technology manager I know that I have been frustrated enough at some balky piece of technology. Yes, that includes fantasies of watching it fly out a window!

So how can I assume that individuals that are not as technology literate to not be afraid and frustrated about some new technology tool that they are going to have to use?

Their resistance may not have anything to do with that technology directly, but the internal fear and frustration that they may not be able to ‘get it’. That they may not understand what is going to be expected of them.  We can all have uncertainty when asked to master some new thing when we are not comfortable in that field.

When there is any change initiative, many of which have a large technology component, we must assume that there will be resistance and anger.

And some of that anger may simply be due to frustration

Due to uncertainty.

And due to fear.

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Photo Credit Mr. Fotoshop via flickr


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