SMB Software Development And Quality

February 2, 2010

Preventing Mistakes is easier than Redoing!

An excellent piece by Matthew Blass on his Removing Complexity blog

If quality is low, then work usually breaks and has to be reworked adding cost at a future date. The earlier you fix a problem, the less it’ll cost to fix, so high quality to start is a way of reducing future expenses.

The SMB Takeaway

In many  SME sized business, you may have one or two software developers working on your ERP system, with  some part time working on the Web Site thrown in for good measure.

And it is a pretty good bet these developers are reporting to your senior finance or operations managers.

Make sure those managers understand that as in any type of manufacturing scenario, preventing a problem is the least expensive, identifying and fixing it early is the next, having to recall or rework a finished product is the most expensive.

Do it right the first time!

‘Nuff Said

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Photo Credit miskan via flickr


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