Real SMB IT, Your Web Site Story

February 9, 2010

With due apologies to Arthur Laurents and Leonard Bernstein!

When designing (or doing a re-design) of your Web Site, What story are you trying to tell? Your Web Site Story!

Now ask yourself; Is your Web Site telling that same story? Or is it telling something different?

Is the purpose of your web site to show off that you are the best multimedia developer in the world?

Or is it trying to provide information that presents your product or service in a way that encourages someone to contact you with a purchase order?

Because, as Marketing expert Seth Godin points out, that distinction is critical;

Do you want the people visiting this site to notice it?

For everyone else, it’s no. The purpose of the site is to tell a story or to generate some sort of action. And if the user notices the site, not the story, you’ve lost

The SMB Takeaway

Like most methods of communication, your web site must support your story.  And just as yelling at somebody with a huge smile on your face would provide your listener with a disconnect from the verbal language and the body language.

It is the same with your web site. If you are presenting a serious message, and your web site is all dancing dots and flashy gizmo’s. You are leaving your customers with that same disconnect.

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One Response to “Real SMB IT, Your Web Site Story”

  1. I agree, in business website, the site must support the story. I already practice it to my own business and the result is great

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