Do You Stick Around?

February 10, 2010

Or do you give the dirty work to someone and bug out?

Here is the thing, for most smaller businesses (High Tech companies excluded) your one or two person IT team can be invisible.

And in the IT support business, weekends and late nights can be pretty much the rule. As a manager in a SMB, you may not be technically oriented, but that doesn’t matter. And yes, sometimes it’s the little things that count.

We can call it whatever we want, motivation, retention, it does not matter.

A word of encouragement might be just thing needed to keep your team going.

When difficult work is going to take the better part of a weekend, drop by. Bring the coffee, be the ‘go-fer’ if you can.

Because in smaller businesses, your IT staff can often feel left out in the cold.

Too often this does not happen – even if your people are the expert, it does not hurt to drop by.

I make sure I do, I have ensured that I do that for weekend work that is not even my team.

Just Sayin’

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