I Can Whip That Up For Friday

March 19, 2010

It is that easy.

A simple, quick little statement; I  can whip that up for Friday

We can talk of improving process, or getting a handle on where your IT dollars are disappearing to.

We can talk of the communication required, as well as the inherent complexity of IT.

But no matter how much we talk about it, if there is a discussion about an issue and a technology staffer states he or she can whip something up to solve that brief issue.

Then it is done. Chaos has started.

You see, here is what that little statement means.

It means that your work to date on improving your IT just took its first step out the window.

Bandages, scotch tape and baling wire with a dose of some piece of software or hardware that you don’t even know exists is going to be running some key piece of your business.

It will not be documented or backed up. Probably hiding under some techies desk. If that tech staffer leaves tomorrow, know one else will even know it exists.

The SMB TakeawayIs Baling Wire holding your IT together?

As a general manager in the SME space, if you hear a phrase like that.

Be very afraid, be very afraid.

If you hear that phrase, it is time to stop and re-evaluate what you were discussing.

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Photo Credit puregin via flickr


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