You Won’t Reach Perfection

March 22, 2010

I grew up with two brothers on a small farm.  And yes, like all farms, there were always plenty of chores to be done, more chores than young kids wanted to do!

As simple as it sounds, one of those chores was just cutting the grass. Yup that good old pastime, mowing the lawn.

Cutting the grass on our farm was a little more work than the average suburban house. The lawn was in three huge sections,  (at least to childhood memories they were huge) two of these sections covered the front and side of the house, and a third that extended beyond the driveway and right to the road.

As part of our after school chores, we could usually count on getting one section cut per day, so every three days or so the entire lawn had been cut.

The Never Ending Job

While we would finish cutting the full lawn every three days or so,  this chore always seemed like a never ending job. Simply enough because by the time we finally finished the final section,  it was usually time to start all over again! A little bit of rain?  then we were pretty well guaranteed to have to start again.

And like that chore of cutting the lawn, managing and implementing business technology processes and tools is also a never ending task.

I know we would love to think that we can spend some amount of time and money to get a particular benefit, tool, or capability and then be able to forget about it for decades.

But that won’t happen.

You choose to implement a new tool or process, and  over a period of time you think you have beaten the learning curve and are comfortable the way things have  gone.

By that time, circumstances and business drivers have changed, and it is usually time to start over again.

Fundamentally business technology can always be improved, it can always be better. In fact I would argue that anything you have implemented, but have never revised is probably an obsolete silo that is sucking the life out of your organization.

I am sure you know that one, people call it; ‘The way we’ve always done it ’round here”

The SMB Takeaway

Yes. By the time you finish one thing,  you may start over.

It is an iterative process, you  don’t stand still. Bit by bit you improve.

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