Real SMB IT: A Little Thanks Can Go A Long Way

March 24, 2010

You can reach out and touch me with technology, and why a digital thank you goes a long way.

If your e-mail in box is like mine, its gets overloaded with automated emails asking me to sign up, asking me to register, or simply telling me that there is a short term discount this week.

I have to admit I usually just hit the delete button.

If you have the customer data and email marketing software to blast out these spend money with me! emails, why can’t you use that tech to just say thank you!

As Mila D’Antonio at 1 to 1 Media states in this post titled; A Little Goes a Long Way

…Much to my surprise there was no survey attached and no offers for a discounted oil change or a tune-up, but rather a simple reminder of how that company values me.

The SMB Takeaway

If you are a marketing manager in a SMB, perhaps it is time for a chat with the IT side.

Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty can be as easy as the occasional thank you!

Disclosure, although not associated with any party in the above 1 to 1 article, my employer provides that type of customer retention service to a niche market.

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