Right Brain, Left Brain, & Perfection: The Enemy of Better

March 25, 2010

If your perfect beverage at Starbucks is a Grande nonfat no-foam latte, does that mean that it must be my perfect beverage too?

Would you consider that it is reasonable to attempt to define perfect by one individuals personal preferences?

Personally, I think we would agree that humans are a diverse species. What feels perfect for each and every one of us can come from cultural or  socio-economic backgrounds, along with any one of a dozen other reasons.

So we can understand that your perfect beverage at Starbucks will not be the same  as mine.

Perfection In Business TechnologyPerfection is in our experience

For general managers in the small to medium enterprise, I have argued many times in a left brain analytic mode that perfection is not a result you can expect in your business technology function.

Give me license to use that left brain term because I argued this concept with the math of Pareto’s law (the 80-20 rule) and various iterative processes.

The Other Brain

In this piece titled; Why Better Will Always Beat Perfection Tanveer Naseer has an excellent look at a different perspective of perfection;

..the definition of perfection is based not on empirical facts; instead, it’s a reflection of what we’d like to experience.

( Emphasis the authors)

The SMB Takeaway

In technology, if we can never even agree on what perfection is, at least we can agree on what can make it better!

As my Dad used to say; put that idea in your pipe and smoke it!

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Photo Credit Ethan Hein via flickr


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