SMB Business Executives, Please Return To Class

March 29, 2010

SMB Business Executives, Please Return To Class!

Why do only 27% business leaders claim to feel ‘smart’ or informed about their corporate IT?

That statistic comes from a Harvard Business Review post by Susan Cramm titled; How IT-Smart Is Your Organization?

First, that number is much too low. As a manager in the small to medium enterprise do you consider your self ‘IT Smart’?

I will guess you feel the same way as those statistics, and together we absolutely need to get that number higher.

Do you know how much money you are spending on your business technology?

The referenced article is referencing large enterprises, I guarantee for most SME businesses your small business IT costs will still be one of your larger expenses.

And of the money that you currently spend, 71% may be doing very little for you.

Does this mean that that as a general manager you should be signing up for that computer science program at your local university?

No, not at all.

But I recommend that you understand at a relevant level of detail.

The SMB Takeaway

And the good part for you is that this executive class can start with just some basic questions.

The Teacher is in!

Photo Credit OntCopper via flickr


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