How I learned to Have at least 2 Tested Backups

April 6, 2010

It was back in late 1995. Basically my second junior position when I got into the technology field.

I was given a relatively easy task; on one of servers that stored everyone’s work data we were running out of space.  I had to make the space available bigger.

This process is not overly difficult, but it is destructive. Meaning you have to have a server backup first because you will be destroying everything while you recreate the spot for everyone’s data. (in tech speak, I was re-partitioning the drives)

Yes, I had done my backup of that server hard drive! – but I did not test it properly. And that was a failure on my part.

As you may have guessed,  I lost much of that data because the backup did not restore all the data to the new disk properly.

Lesson Learned – in spades

Backups are absolutely useless until you have tested your ability to restore them.

And to this day – I try to ensure I have more than one before that kind of destructive work.

The amazing part is that I was not fired.

(thanks Scott)

The SMB Takeaway

Backup is useless without testing the restore. So test that on a regular basis.

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