Poor Cold Call Sales Rep

April 9, 2010

A sales representative does a cold call drop in visit to my office.

Sales Rep: Well thanks for your time, I will get back to you with some material

Me: Thanks, you can reach me with this contact info

Sales Rep: How come your staff are walking around in socks? You do yoga here or something?

Me: Yoga??? No, they are software developers.

Like “Land-Rover” or “Harley-Davidson” Well, if you have to ask, you will never understand….

Just Sayin’

5 Responses to “Poor Cold Call Sales Rep”

  1. David Miller Says:

    Some times people who visit companies who specialize in software development often get surprised by seeing software engineers/developers walking around in sandals and socks. This is quite normal in a lot of companies, in fact my friend worked in one where you could even take off your shirt provided you wore a vest.

    • Miki Saxon Says:

      Did the vest policy apply to everybody or just men?

      35 years ago sandals were unusual these days the arguments are around flip-flops.

      • elliotross Says:

        I would imagine that unless you are in Amsterdam, the Vest & no shirt for women would be just a little taboo!

  2. elliotross Says:

    Good Morning Miki! And thanks for dropping by.

    The confused look on that poor sales woman’s face implied she has not dealt with technology based outfits before!

  3. Miki Saxon Says:

    Boy does that bring back memories of Silicon Valley in the late seventies/early eighties. The techies all wore sandals, but word was that you could tell the software engineers from the others because in the winter they wore socks with their sandals.

    Thanks, Elliot, for a smile and a laugh on my rainy Friday.

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