Real SMB IT: Zombie Servers

April 15, 2010

The title Slaying Zombie Servers from ChannelPro may be quirky, but the problem can be rampant in larger SME’s.

..about 4.7 million servers are not doing useful work. Here’s how to keep them from sucking the life out of your clients’ budgets.

In larger SME’s over time servers creep into your environment. They can start by appearing under desks, or they can arrive by a tool you purchased years ago that no body uses any more.

But over time, you get this result, where complexity is killing you.

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One Response to “Real SMB IT: Zombie Servers”

  1. plannetplc Says:

    Personal touch or fast resolution – what do end users really want from their IT Support?

    Many IT directors seem to invest a great part of their IT budget in an unnecessary number of desk side support analysts, rather than in new technology to speed up operations through remote intervention. Their justification is something along these lines: “Users like that personal touch. They feel awkward when they have to interact with a voice over the phone or deal with automated tools. They like to have a friendly face at their desk.”

    Is this the truth or an assumption by IT? Do end users really prefer face-to-face contact with an analyst, or would their rather have the problem fixed remotely in the shortest time possible?

    Take part in our poll and tell us your opinion:

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