Offer Me Alternatives!

April 22, 2010

I am guessing you will agree that for many business technology staff?

Well, they have a great big hammer that is a particular technology skill set, so to them everything looks like a bloody big nail.

They can tie 10 different technologies into complex knots that may not mean a damn thing.

As a general manager in the small to medium enterprise, you have only a problem to be solved.

You should not be worrying about what type of hammer to hit it with.

When they are providing a recommendation, ensure that your IT leadership provides the context, goals and explicit plans that are in that recommendation.

To quote American rockers R.E.M; Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives!

What is the exact plan of action that your technology leadership is recommending? And most importantly what are the other options considered?

Is this recommendation meeting a strategic goal, or is it just because this recommendation uses their biggest, baddest and favourite hammer?

Is it necessary to use a sledge hammer? or would you reduce risk through a simpler solution that may only need a small finishing hammer?

The SMB Takeaway

Your IT leadership should leave their ego (and hammer) at the door.

Technology for its own sake is useless. The business problem to be solved could just require a screwdriver.

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Photo Credit Noel C. Hankamer via flickr


2 Responses to “Offer Me Alternatives!”

  1. elliotross Says:

    If it suits the IT model, of course – it is simply an outsource partner to maintain whichever levels you agree to.

  2. plannetplc Says:

    Sharing can be a convenient way of gaining access to quality that could perhaps not otherwise be afforded – this is the reason for success of services such as car sharing, shared properties and, why not, even nanny sharing. So why shouldn’t this apply to the IT Service Desk as well?

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