That Little Thing Called The Uninterruptible Power Supply

May 3, 2010

If the power goes out?UPS- Protect From Power Surges!

Computers, servers, even your phone system dies.

Most small business are aware that having those little backup batteries called a UPS can keep things running for at least a short while if you lose power.

However, in many cases, we underestimate the benefit that these little things provide. So a common argument? if the power goes out for a bit, it will come back anyway. And if it is out too long that UPS battery won’t help for more than a few minutes, so why bother?

That is a perfectly logical, and a perfectly correct argument.

But let me tell you why those Uninterruptible Power Supplies are absolutely mandatory in your business

A question; how much did you spend on your phone system PBX?

OK, how about the dollar value of the servers, and the data on all your servers?

Forget Power Failure – How About…..

A quick story, I briefly lost power in my office this week.  Sounds simple enough – But……

It was not that the power failed.

It was that an electrical surge hit the building that overloaded and blew breakers.

And guess what.

The surge was strong enough that it partially melted the battery in the UPS that protects our phone system.

Read that again. The battery was melted!

If that UPS had not been attached to my phone system, that power surge would have just melted the phone system.

Maybe a hundred dollars or so for the UPS, versus thousands for the PBX system.

Go ahead and flip a coin.

In this case you lose with heads or tails.

The SMB Takeaway

Add uninterruptible power supplies to your must do first thing Monday morning list.

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Photo Credit oskay via flickr


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