On Google’s Web Desktop Experiment

June 11, 2010

Many will have noticed that on June 10th, if you visited google.com, you found the sparse, white, typical Google web page was gone.

The Google search box was surrounded by one of many large, colourful images.

The ability to change the image was there too. To customize it the way you want.

Many complained – but guess what – many did not complain – (most in my office loved it …)

A few hours later this background disappeared, Google says it was a bug – much of the press said that they backed off due to pressure.

Personally I think it was a great experiment

What is the distinction between your computer desktop and the web?

Look at your computer – you are staring at a screen – you probably have set yourself a desktop picture too – you have a couple of icons for email and some other tools you use.

Google demonstrated yesterday that you can but your favorite desktop image on google.

The only thing missing?

A few icons for email and other tools?

Perhaps the ability to add your most frequently used Google Apps icons to Google as well?

It is not that far out if you think about it.


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