Uncertainty is Expensive

August 17, 2010

A truly excellent piece by Patty Azzarello  titled; Uncertainty is Expensive

Every unanswered strategic question leaves legions of people in your organization, less productive and more expensive than they would be with clear direction.

And I have to agree with that statement.

Nature, business & IT abhor a vacuum

When people have no specific instructions or direction,  what happens?

More aggressive managers start to push their own – often conflicting agenda’s.

Disconnected and competing silo’s start being built.

And IT costs?

They can grow by staggering amounts as managers with clout want duplicate IT infrastructure, software or tools that they believe is best for them. Not what is necessarily best for the organization.

Along with these duplicate or unnecessary expenses, some IT investments can be made that may run counter to your strategic direction.

I have witnessed enterprise class software purchased, installed and training being performed – then canceled for a competitive product due to lack of communication and decision on strategic direction.

I have witnessed the most insignificant and minor issues take days or weeks to resolve because the silo’s built by those managers with clout refuse to talk to each other, or provide clear direction on strategies and goals for their parts of the organization.

The SMB Takeaway

Ms. Azzarello says it perfectly; Uncertainty is expensive

Eliminate uncertainty. Ensure that clear direction is available for everyone in the organization, and lastly – make sure that you have the governance and management processes to ensure that decisions meet these goals.

Silo's are Expensive

Photo Credit Eirikref via flickr


3 Responses to “Uncertainty is Expensive”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Thanks Eric –

    Conditions change – decisions may have to be revisited – that is a given. But leaving everybody in a cosmic limbo will do the organization absolutely no good

    Regards & thanks again!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eric D. Brown and Elliot Ross, Elliot Ross. Elliot Ross said: Patty Azzarello: Uncertainty is Expensive http://bit.ly/amNMgy with my rif on IT Costs http://wp.me/paqed-1qA #leadership #SME #SMB […]

  3. Great post Elliot.

    Eliminating uncertainty is the first step in ensuring everyone understands what’s expected of them and where the team, group and/or organization is headed.

    Good stuff.

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