Off Topic: Adobe Fonts in 64 Bit Windows

August 23, 2010

We had some frustrating issues getting fonts that install with some Adobe products working in the 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows. Both Windows XP and Windows 7 ( I assume Vista would be the same)

It took too much time finding the resolution – so this post is a little lower ‘techie’ level than what I normally write, but maybe it will save someone else some hassle


When installing certain Adobe products such as inDesign or Photoshop, the Adobe fonts that ship with these packages are not visible within the Adobe applications.


This issue seems to ocurr with Adobe applications using older Adobe Type 1 fonts. Adobe Type 1 fonts consist of two separate files, the font_name.PFB file and font_name.PFM. Installing the fonts into the Windows Fonts folder will allow the font to work with Microsoft Windows products such as MS Word or PowerPoint, but will not be visible to Adobe Products.

NOTE: Installing the fonts into the Windows Fonts will generate error messages for each PFB file – these can be ignored.


To have you fonts visible in your Adobe applications, manually copy both the font.PFM and font.PFB files into the \Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts directory (folder) on the drive where Microsoft Windows is installed (usually the C:\ Drive)

Note, both files must be copied into the directory, and there are both a Program Files directory and Program Files(x86) directory in 64 bit Windows. The (x86) one is the correct one to use.


2 Responses to “Off Topic: Adobe Fonts in 64 Bit Windows”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Very true Geoff

    My frustration was that searching the Adobe Website gave me nothing on the issue.

    It was piecing together tips from general google search pointing to various technology forums.

    The actual resolution was not to long – but finding it!!!

    Adobe’s web search needs work!

    Regards & thank you,,,

  2. Geoff Snyder Says:

    I recently ran into this same problem when setting up CS5 on a Windows 2008 SBS network that used 64bit Vista workstations – what a nightmare! After a pot of coffee, a few under-my-breath grumbles, and a prayer to the IT gods… all was well.

    It’s amazing how much we rely on daily tasking and experience to grow within the industry, opposed to the ongoing renewal of certs. 🙂

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