Benefits of ITIL – Executive Briefing

September 1, 2010

Chris Dancy of ServiceSphere (@servicesphere on Twitter) tweeted this excellent 10 page (PDF) Executive Overview of IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL.

The PDF contains a succinct, and brief overview of the benefits of improving IT Service Management, with some easy to understand demonstrations of visual signs of poor ITSM.

If you are an executive wondering what the fuss is about with ITIL and ITSM, this document is a great summary.

Note, if you have been following this blog for a while, you will note some terminology changes compared to what I have written. This is simply because my experience has been with Version 2 of the ITIL framework, and this document summarizes ITIL utilizing the newer process terminology contained within Version 3 of the framework.

If you are looking into ITIL, I highly recommend checking out ServiceSphere at the above link, on twitter too!


4 Responses to “Benefits of ITIL – Executive Briefing”

  1. itorganization2017 Says:

    Great pointer, Elliot – thank you!

    ITIL is easily misunderstood and even more readily misapplied. There are 2 dangerous extremes – the first is taking ITIL as a radical religion and leading towards some form of corporate ‘terrorism’ to inflict someone’s interpretation of the ‘gospel according to ITIL’ upon all and sundry without too much regard for the outcomes. This backfires sooner or later, but unfortunately leaves behind a distaste for ITIL (or any other such framework) that may take years to undo while the IT organization remains stalled in their efforts to drive business-IT maturity.

    The other extreme is under-commitment, thinking the benefits of Service Management come by installing some so-called “ITIL Tools.”

    • elliotross Says:

      Thanks for dropping by Vaughan!

      I agree with both your points, I sincerely hope I have avoided radical gospel on this blog. I the past I have referenced organizations doing IT service improvements without using ITIL -(ie John Halamka’s ‘Broken Windows’) and have tried to stress that it is not a silver bullet.

      And ‘ITIL Tools’ – oh yes – you cannot buy ‘ITIL Tools’ – Until software is invented that takes the place of the human brain – we can only purchase tools that help automate or standardize repetitive or time consuming tasks.

      Regards & Thanks you!

  2. Getting named in a blog I read every day, just made my day!

    • elliotross Says:

      And I say thanks for finding that summary – I have had a couple of CFO/ Senior General Manager types in the past ask me for just that type of document.

      I gave them some information I compiled my self, but it was not that succinct 🙂

      Thanks & take care –

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