Remember training wheels on a bicycle?

There was a time when your organizational IT was like that. Your Information Technology function was attached to, but not truly a part of your business.

View Profile Technology has evolved, and that outrigger concept of information technology is no longer valid. (unless you still use mimeographs)

As the CEO / CFO / or COO in the small to medium enterprise it pays to understand how technology is woven through the sales, marketing, and operations of your organization.

People, Process, then Technology

With 15 years in the technology field, experience has shown me that without the people, without the processes, and without looking at your organization through the lens of your customer, strategic application of technology is nearly impossible.

This people, process, then technology focus is a concept that I have attempted to impart when I have had the opportunity to provide pre- and post sales consulting, as well as tactical technology consulting.

I am an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Certified Foundation Practitioner, and also have experience implementing and managing ISO 9000 process management frameworks.

So, Who Is This For?

I know that blogs in the tech space are a dime a dozen, but my goal is to share my technology experience with non technology managers in the Small Business / Mid size Business space. To open the covers of the black box that is business technology. To remove some of the jargon and technobabble that can surround IT.

Secondly, some technology workers may see how to think a little more strategically in the application of technology in their organizations to reduce costs, and improve service levels. As basic IT becomes more a commodity, understanding the business and financial controls that make your business successful will become more important than plugging in wires or servers.

Please stay in touch, if there are questions or comments, I can also be reached at elliot [at]

All content related here is not a reflection of past or present employers – mistakes are mine, and mine alone!

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15 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Larry M. Roy Says:

    As discussed earlier over at Bradley’s…. keep up the great work Elliot!!!!!

  3. Charles Cathcart Says:

    You’ve lost weight! Nice blog, Elliot!

    • elliotross Says:

      That is just out of shape Charles!

      I hope all is doing well!

      • Charles Cathcart Says:

        All IS well. Thanks Elliot. By the way, I get the same “I lost weight” effect by stretching my photos…problems is I end up looking like I’m 12 feet tall.

  4. Ian McManus Says:

    I saw you have a linkedin link — i used to use link in as well but discovered a brand new business network that you might like —

  5. Jake Johnson Says:


    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you:

    Hope you find it helpful!


  6. elliotross Says:


    Thank you very much – I have been trying to do exactly that – my purpose here was not a tech blog for techies (there are dozens of those that are excellent)

    But to provide tech ideas for non-techies within the SME space.

    Because too often, they are under served.


  7. techutter Says:

    Dear Elliot,
    The strength of your blog lies in simplicity. You have presented complex (at least to my mind!) looking subjects in a very simple way. What is the use of technology if its intended user can’t understand it or use it?
    The real aim of the technology is to simplify what humans perceive it to be complex.
    God bless you.

  8. elliotross Says:

    Martin, thank you for visiting,

    I also get frustrated when I see tech staff doing that. I have often found that it is not always their fault though, too often business managers abdicate IT over site, not delegate and monitor it.


  9. Elliot, I like your “People, Process, then Technology” way of thinking. I constantly get frustrated with techies who put technology first. I saw you’re from Ottawa, where I lived for a while and have friends. Nice place except cold in the winter!

  10. elliotross Says:


    Thanks for dropping by!

    I like the article and the blog!


  11. Hi Elliot,
    Glad you liked my article on difficult times.
    You might be interested to see that we have expanded it into a full workshop called Think Inside the Box.
    See the ad at:
    And for more info click through to

    I’ll be following your Blog too. Maybe we can exchange other ideas.
    Best regards,
    Del Chatterson.

  12. Steve Says:

    Nice writing & I agree with your point of view . Excellent subject matter presented well.

  13. Joseph Dydzak Says:

    Dear Elliot,

    Heather just gave me information on your site. I read a couple of your articles … bravo!

    Keep up the good work.


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