For this October 1st 2010, My #FollowFriday is Mr. Eric D.Brown (actually, soon to be Philosophiae Doctor Brown) and @EricDBrown on Twitter

Eric also blogs at Technology, Strategy, People & Projects and offers great insights into both the world of business technology, and leadership for business.

As an example, from a post titled; What’s wrong with today’s IT?

Most IT groups have become blinded by process, procedure, technology that they’ve forgotten their main role – make the business run better.

Via twitter, or his blog, if you are student of IT Leadership, I highly recommend!

Have a great Weekend!


If you use Twitter at all, you are already aware that there is a trend that occurs every Friday where you call out a recommendation about an individual. And more importantly why you find that individual to be someone you recommend other people investigate and follow.

I confess that I never participated, simply because in most cases these #FollowFriday (or #FF) shout outs are really short on details of the true why that I would find value in that recommendation. Then Gini Dietrich (@GiniDietrich on Twitter) slapped me around and pointed out that this blog works for an expanded why I do a recommended Follow Friday.

So in greater than 140 characters, for today – My #FollowFriday recommendation is Mike Myatt. (@MikeMyatt)

As Chief Strategy Office at N2Growth, I was reading Mike’s blog before I was active on Twitter myself. So it was logical to look him up on Twitter when I joined.

Mike writes about Leadership. And he writes it in a direct, common sense, and participatory approach that kicks ‘buzzwords’ to the garbage can.

To quote one recent blog post;

..but I don’t care whether someone agrees or disagrees with me. In fact, in most cases I actually prefer to have my thinking challenged

And since challenge, and learning, is what my life is all about – I can’t trump that!