How Cheap is This?

April 22, 2008

Talk about ignorance, or nasty advertising.

Here in Canada, we use the metric system (yes I grew up in that change) it was a hassle when Miles changed to Kilometres. When it came to automobile “gas mileage”, we went from the familiar “miles per gallon” to the more confusing number of litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.

Now – liters are smaller than US gallons (to the tune of approximately 1 US Gal being 3.78 L) So in the Litres per 100 Kilometres equation, smaller numbers are better, vs. large numbers in the “miles” part of miles per gallon.

I drove past a car dealer yesterday and found that they had emblazoned absolutely HUGE numbers on the cars being sold such as 66 or 77.

I could not see any other text at the time, but I knew that sure as hell, that those cars would not get 77 MPG, and even a Hummer gets better fuel economy than 77 litres of fuel per 100 kilometers.

So, I drove past again today – what they had done was put 77 KMPG

In other words, the shorter kilometer as the distance measure, with the larger gallon as the fluid volume measurement.  And I am sure that there will be some out there illiterate enough to get caught in a scam like that.